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A Knack for Retail, Crisis Survivor, Family Man: The Extraordinary Life of Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. | Esquire, July 2021

How Much Did Hyun Bin Help Smart? | Esquire, June 2020

How the Ayalas Surrendered Control in Manila Water to Razon, and Why | Esquire, February 2020

From Darna to Mogul: How Nanette Medved-Po Was Named Chairperson of the Po Family Council | Esquire, October 2019

Who is Philippine Central Bank governor Nestor Espenilla |, May 2017

Why miners are not ready for Gina Lopez |, February 2017

Green vs greed? The Lopezes’ new family saga |, 2017

Hans Sy: Reinventing the mall | Forbes Philippines, April 2016

King Of Ore: Despite Nickel Asia’s Raids, Zamora Did Not Retreat |Forbes Philippines and Forbes Asia, 2015

How CSR is evolving in the Philippines |, April 2012

Ongpin vs Ashmore: The real deal |, January 2014

The love story of GMA-7, Pangilinan and Ang |, 2013

Why same firms are vying for PH infra projects |, October 2014

Who felt Philippines’ 7.8% GDP surprise?  |, May 2013

Animate: Why electricity rates in Philippines are high |, July 2012

How Philippine aviation transformed from shame to pride |, 2014

What some of the richest Filipinos have in common |, June 2012

Goodbye shipping: Aboitiz focuses on power |, September 2008 

The Philex Mining saga: How First Pacific acquired control |, June 2011

Part One: DBP-Ongpin-Philex controversial deals detailed |, June 2011

Anatomy of Cojuangco’s stake in San Miguel |, April 2011

Banco Filipino: When family, business, regulators collide |, March 2011 

NAIA 3: Old promises, new promises |, December 2010

Philippine Airlines’ labor woes: then and now |, August 2010

Who is Alfonso Yuchengco? |, September 2009

PSE, SEC spare the rod for San Miguel |, August 2009

Lopez family: Sale of Meralco stake ‘a business decision’ |, March 2009 

The inside story: How San Miguel worked its way into Meralco’s board |, December 2008

Meet the cast of characters of the NAIA Terminal 3 fiasco | Newsbreak, September 2007

Capitalism’s rising star? | Journal of Corporate Responsibility

Broken Promises: The saga of pre-need firm College Assurance Plan | Newsbreak, January 2005

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