COVID and the end of the world

This post is beyond money. Read on for some of my lockdown musings.


There is hope. We are likely NOT living in the end-times. We are likely in a phase in our lives similar to that of the Jews who wandered the desert for 40 years. ⁠

In a recent Friday gathering with like-minded ladies, we pondered if the pandemic goings on are but a “season” in our lives, just like how the Wandering Jews spent their years in the desert. ⁠

We discussed why God plucked them out of Egypt where they were slaves (but were already used to the slave-life). God even dramatically parted the sea to allow them to escape, only to live a life of blah. ⁠

Their destination was clear: The Promised Land. But for (about) 40 years, they were in the desert, being led from one nothingness to another. ⁠

Why? ⁠

It’s exactly the same question that haunts me, us, while we are living in these pandemic times. It’s easy to grunt, with my mind and logic finding comfort in pointing fingers to the fault of others for the yoke I have to carry.

Ah, Wandering Jews, I feel ya. ⁠

Then @scribblerbean posed these questions: Are you Team Promised Land or Team Wilderness? ⁠

Do you consider this a “season”, or the end-and-be-all?⁠

Have you given up, comforted by the idea it’s someone else’s fault or that the End Is Coming anyway? Or do you believe there’s a future that this “season” is preparing you for? ⁠

Gulp. ⁠

That really got me. Deep and hard. I better make the most of this time because I’m being molded for a brighter future that’s coming — in a timeline that’s beyond my control, but it’s coming nonetheless. ⁠

I belong to Team Promised Land. ⁠

What about you?

One response to “COVID and the end of the world”

  1. g2-0a4a30c8733cac9e6d482445f60aaa7f Avatar

    if Team Promised Land involves a “Great Reset” as espoused by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, then i’ll happily join Team Wilderness

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