‘Be humble, be patient.’ Take it from Carlos Chan, MAP Management Man of the Year 2021

Having experienced world wars and political upheavals, Filipino-Chinese tycoon Carlos Chan has this short and sweet advice to businessmen going thru difficult pandemic times.

Multimedia research assistant: Is this you?

JOB OPENING! I'm doing a biography project about an Asian tycoon. I need a research assistant who can handle and organize multimedia content.

Cuisia: Henry Sy Sr’s legacy lives on in his children

The kids of late Henry Sy Sr, once the Philippines' richest man, are "decisive leaders, promote value-driven management, and espouse pragmatic, stick-to-the-knitting, stay-with-the-business-you-know philosophy."

Not today

This is a personal story about how my father overcame a scary, almost fatal experience mere 7 days into the new year. I’m sharing this to inspire you that there can be victory even in a health crisis (and to remind myself how much of a warrior he is).

COVID and the end of the world

Have you given up, comforted by the idea it's someone else's fault or that the End Is Coming anyway? Or do you believe there's a future this "season" is preparing you for? ⁠

In these COVID times, Shakleton is the leader we need

How do you manage your and your team’s energy when stakes suddenly get high; when volatility and uncertainty increases, and; when there is suddenly a new worse case scenario?

Yoga without a mat: How a Filipino kid thrives amid COVID19

An 8-year-old from a remote area joins a Kids Yoga session streamed live. Nicole doesn't have a yoga mat.

Manila lockdown: the upside and lowdown

Getting past the stark realities of our uninspiring leaders, and giving up the urge to hoard or pass on juicy but unverified news are actually opportunities to self-examine

Let’s break down the Manila Water deal between Ayala and Razon groups

Is there politics in the Manila Water ownership changes? Or is this just business?

What the Ayala-Razon deal on Manila Water means

Two of the richest Filipino families just announced a water deal that is suspect for its timing. One is at the bitter end of Duterte's tirades against the business elite, the other an ally.

The day Philippines became the most dangerous place on the planet to be a journalist

A snapshot of what it was like in a newsroom on November 23, 2009, the day of the #AmpatuanMassacre

The full story of why I yoga

When I'm not writing or managing newsrooms, I am on a yoga mat. I'm sharing here my parallel journeys as a journalist and as someone who process my human frailties...while I practice yoga.

Richest Filipino congressman now owns majority of Philippine AirAsia

Philippines’ richest congressman Michael “Mikee” Romero is now the majority owner of the local affiliate of budget airline AirAsia. Romero’s stake in the Philippine AirAsia was raised to 44.5%, higher than Malaysian AirAsia founder Tony Fernandes and partner’s 40%. Romero acquired the AirAsia Philippines stakes of Ambassador Fred Yao and Maan Hontiveros. Romero, Yao, Hontiveros ...

Central bank gov Nestor Espenilla Jr, my kindred spirit gone too soon

We had several things in common: powerful foes, health woes, and more

Jumping into the (un)known

Is cliff jumping into this sinkhole in Bohol worth it?

Jon Ramon Aboitiz, a proud Cebuano who doesn’t fall in love with business

Jon Ramon Aboitiz, 70, was a pillar in one of the wealthiest, most enduring, and aggressively expanding conglomerates in the Philippines

Ayala has most family members named ‘Management Man of the Year’

FERNANDO ZOBEL DE AYALA is Management Man of the Year 2018, the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) announced today. This makes the Zobel de Ayalas the family with most members (three) in this elite list. Previous to Fernando, his father Jaime and brother Jaime Augusto, or JAZA, were separately featured as “Management Man of ...

Thunder in the Far East​

Can President Duterte calm the political and economic storms in the Philippines?

Who are the most generous employers of them all?

P98 million to P2.1 million was the range of average executive pay the most valuable listed firms paid each of their top executives in 2017

Dennis Uy on business and politics: What’s next won’t be what was

Businessman Dennis Uy, a close friend of President Rodrigo Duterte, delivers a speech on being a disruptor

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