Hi, I’m Lala

I’m a business journalist focused on explaining wealth — how it is made, lost, destroyed, or turned over to the next generation.

  • BIG (family) BUSINESS

    These are my take on major conglomerates, most of them in Asia and run by families.

    For decades, I’ve been keenly following their pivots and dramas, missteps and cool moves, and how they navigate the good times and the bad. It’s been a blast. I share (some of) my personal insights here.


    Tiny summaries but detailed notes on books, articles, and studies that interest me.

    I consume tons of written materials from authors and experts I respect. I fear I might forget the lessons and takeaways, so I take down notes like there is no tomorrow. Hope that in sharing these obsessions, you can pick up an insight or two, too.


    In their own words.

    ‘They,’ meaning important or influential people. They spoke at public events or was the interviewee of a publicly available chat. I’m just noting down (and sharing with you) what they said.


    Environmental, social, governance, and reputation — issues that I’ve been closely following (and sometimes personally engaged in).


    News and feature articles that were memorable for me to write.

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