Hello WordPress, goodbye Multiply

I have been blogging since March 2007, when I was inspired by a near-jail experience to try reaching out to a different audience and using a different media.

My first blog, lalarimando.multiply.com

It has been a fruitful 3 years with Multiply, then the easiest and most user-friendly blog application. But I’ve been a bit lost. I read others’ blogs on WordPress or Blogger or Typepad to get information, ideas, thoughts, analysis. Multiply has become a network of enterprising individuals who send me tons of their retail items for sale ranging from clothes to contraceptives, flooding my spam box. However, since it has been easy to load pictures–before Facebook became the next and bigger place to be–my Multiply blog has mostly been a repository of choice photos.

So, in keeping with my current theme of moving house, I am also making a big move in my virtual house. Hello, WordPress. Goodbye, Multiply.

I am re-posting my Multiply blog posts here in WordPress as there is no tool to transfer them wholesale. Ah, just like moving house.

One response to “Hello WordPress, goodbye Multiply”

  1. It is interesting….”Moving house”….
    All the best… may this (WordPress) become a pad for you to share your thoughts, ideas, reactions, comments etc… with the wider community. God bless. All the best.

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